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Zerowaste-Hotel-Amenities, plastikfreie-Badartikel. Bambus Zahnbürsten, Umweltfreundliche Hotel Artikel
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Zerowaste-Plastikfreie Sortiment für Hotels und Spas. Slipper, Latschen, Pantoffeln 100% Kunsstofffrei.
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Zerowaste - Plastikfreie Hotel Produkte.Rasierer, Zahnbürsten und Kämme. Kunststoffalternative sind hier Holz und Bambus
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Zerowaste-Hotel-Amenities, Badesalz, Duschgel, Shampoo, Bio-Produkte, Naturkosmetik by Urb´n Nature.
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Hotel & Spa Amenities by Zerowaste

Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic.

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Zerowaste by Urb´n Nature bathroom - amenities

The plastic-free range is perfect for every hotel and spa.

Environmentally friendly and responsible.

There is often a lot of plastic in the bathroom especially. This is not necessary and it destroys our environment.

Plastic-free alternatives are wood and bamboo in particular.

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Sustainable slippers

Zerowaste is made from natural materials and 100% plastic-free.

We offer various designs made from sustainable materials.

Our slippers are comfortable, anti-slip, stable, washable, recyclable, individual and plastic-free.

Unfortunately, a lot of single-use slipper are used in hotels and spas, which creates a lot of waste.

Seams, glue, soles or even fabrics are in conventional slipper made of chemical materials such as plastic & polyester.

We want to avoid this and have therefore developed wonderful alternatives to conventional slippers.

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Plastic-free range of bathroom amenities for hotel guests

The variety is great and 100% plastic-free.

  • Razors, toothbrushes and combs of wood and bamboo
  • Organic bath and shower gels from Urb'n Nature
  • Food starch shower caps
  • Slippers made of cotton, jute, linen, cork and coconut latex
  • Denttabs, dry toothpaste tabs
  • Kraft paper boxes
  • Wooden cotton q-tips

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Sustainable packaging

  • Our packaging is robust and safe.
  • These are BPA-free and can be upgraded for alternative use, in a concept by #zerowaste.
  • Our packaging is made in Germany.
  • We use reusable, compostable and recyclable containers in all of our logistics processes.
  • Our cardboard boxes have been certified by the organization for sustainable forest management PEFC.

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