grauer Balken
grauer Balken
zerowaste-hotel-amenities, bio-kaffee, naturprodukte
grauer Balken
grauer Balken
Zerowaste-Mehrzweckbeutel, waeschesack, Schuhsack, Foehnbeutel
grauer Balken

Plastic free guest amenities

Zerowaste offers a large, sustainable range of guest products.

Equip your hotel rooms with natural products.

  • RFID key cards made of wood and bamboo
  • Wooden shoe horn
  • Environmentally friendly sewing kit
  • Multipurpose jute or cotton bags (shoe, laundry, hair dryer bags)
  • Organic Coffee
  • Stylish bags made of linen, cotton & jute
  • Washable slippers, non-slip slippers
  • Plastic-free guest amenities
grauer Balken


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